Baconta in Vietnamese is Bà Con Ta – which means relatives, friends, neighbors living in the same village….

Our founder of the Baconta wanted to express the desire to be closely attached to the craftsmen in the craft villages, considering them as “bà con ta”, as relatives, as neighbors, as siblings to work together to create superb crafts to present to customers around the world; contribute to maintaining and developing traditional craft villages that are facing the risk of being lost, thereby maintaining cultural identity, preserving the value of traditional craft villages of Vietnam for generations left by our ancestors. To develop the local economy, create stable jobs for many low income workers & less fortunate people living in rural areas, who have very limited job opportunities, helping them to have a better life, contribute to further the poverty-alleviation movement.

Baconta in Vietnamese also means Father and Children.

The founder of the Baconta brand has 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls, including 3 biological children and 1 adopted child.

He can’t and doesn’t want to open four brands with four different names for his four children,

He and his children chose the Baconta brand because in addition to the intention of winning this brand for his 4 children, he and his children also wanted to show all their determination, aspiration, and faith they have put into the Baconta brand.

Therefore, Baconta is creativity, prestige, passion, aspiration, present and future….

Baconta has closely associated with the craftsmen in the craft villages in Vietnam, to jointly create the best handmade products to introduce to customers around the world;

Each of Baconta’s products are truly masterpieces, with high functionality and aesthetics, due to understanding and meeting the current consumer needs of international customers, towards a close and friendly life to nature.

RATTAN WITH SKIN-ON. The products are made of natural rattan with skin-on material, increasing the durability of the product. Essentially, it keeps the natural color of rattan, enhance the natural look at its best.

Choose to live green. Yes! It’s good for our shared planet. Baconta offers you a range of products made of green materials, including seagrass. Let’s live green in style